Saturday, August 23, 2014

Rick Perry News: See His Terms and Conditions of Jail Release Pending Criminal Trial!

Things just keep getting worse for Texas 
Governor Rick Perry.
Shortly after his "I'M AWESOME" Christian Values
Campaign for President Speech to 
Voters at the Iowa State Fair, Rick returned 
to Texas last week and was hit with a 
'Corruption-Abuse of Power' Grand Jury
Criminal Indictment. 
Then earlier this week Perry surrendered to
authorities, was booked into jail, and conditionally
Now we've learned more:
Under the terms and conditions of his release
 pending felony trial, Perry cannot 
possess or buy firearms. Neither
can he buy or possess ammunition. Nor
can Perry leave the State of Texas
absent Court approval.
If convicted of all charges,
Rick Perry faces a 109 years 
Prison Sentence.
In what may be a fate twisted irony, 
Rick recently thwarted a Federal Prison
Regulation that requires all
to be prosecuted under General Law.
Stay tuned for the next chapter....

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