Sunday, August 17, 2014

Was The "Rick Perry Texas Grand Jury Indictment" an Inside 'Hatchet Job'?

 "I'm Proud to Stand with Rick Perry!",
was Ted Cruz' statement IMMEDIATELY following
Perry's Texas Grand Jury Indictment on
Although the Republican Party spin on Perry's
indictment is being blamed on the Democrat
bastion in Austin, some political insiders
are presenting a very different take on
the event that effectively took
Rick Perry out of national 
politics forever, and ended the governor's 
campaign for the 2016 GOP
presidential nomination.
Pure and Simple,
'It was an inside "HATCHET-JOB" scripted
by the ultra-right conservative faction
of the party, one source in high
republican circles is saying.
And these thoughts have a chorus of moderate
Republicans singing the same tune.
Did the Ted Cruz for President Campaign
know that an indictment was coming?
Which other candidate for President had
the most to gain by taking Perry out
early in the game?
Romney? Paul? Bush? Cruz?
These contenders and others have been
visiting the early primary States (building
their bases) in recent weeks. 

Perry and Cruz were in Iowa at the same
time very recently, and the 'new', revitalized
Perry seemed to be the odds-on favorite
after those meetings.
Although Republican Presidential candidates
ostensibly 'support' Perry in the battle
against those dastardly Democrats,
"God's Will" party has already
moved on and away from
Rick Perry.
He's finished on the national scene.
Did the Romney 2016 Presidential 
Campaign have any involvement
 in the Perry take down?
One pundit said,
'We're witnessing the equivalent of a 
"Political Holy War",
and Perry's Kingdom was the
first to fall. We'll be seeing more'.

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