Friday, August 15, 2014

Woman Charged With Poisoning Roommates After Caught in Sexual Misconduct with Dog! (Mug Shot)

New Mexico Woman Arrested for Trying 
to Poison Her Roommates After Being
Caught in a Sexual Misconduct
incident with Her Dog, Spike!
Shari Walters - Mug Shot
Shari Walters, 53, 
is currently in jail in Albuquerque, New Mexico
facing numerous charges relating to the
following events:
Last month, on a warm July afternoon, one
of Shari's roommates stumbled on her in
a shed, naked, and being "spiked" in
'doggie-position' by her dog.
Shocked and appalled by what she'd seen
the roommate ran to their shared residence and 
told her other roommate, 
who was also Sheri'sboyfriend.
When Shari returned to the house, now clothed,
her boyfriend confronted her and terminated
the relationship on the spot.
According to reports, Shari made an attempt to
salvage the relationship saying, 'It's no big deal, 
I've been having sex with dogs since I was 14.'
Her attempt failed. 
That evening, in a 'letting bygones be bygones'
gesture, Shari agreed to prepare dinner
for her still traumatized roommates.
However, Shari also decided to poison them
using toilet bowl cleaner to do the job.
At "dinner",
her roommates fell immediately ill and
were transported to a hospital for
treatment. Fortunately, they have recovered 
to tell the story according
to reports.
Sheri was, of course, arrested and remains 
in jail on $20,000. bail, on charges 
that also include 'animal cruelty.'
This story will be updated as new
information develops. 

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