Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Conservative Christian Woman's Multiple Pregnancy Turns Out to Be Genital Warts?

Jimmy "Bob-Bob" Ozark
has once again found himself in the 
media spotlight. 
This time he's defending one 
of his church members saying,

"There's no truth to what's goin' on 
bout our Sister in the Lord. It was a 
misunderstanding that her was 
God's chosen fer a multiple 
Immaculate Conception Birth.
That's All!" .
Preacher "Bob-Bob" went on to say,
"Sister Twila "Dolly-Dolly" is a
Good God-Fearin' unmarried Christian Woman." 
Speaking in her own behalf,
Sister Twila Dolly-Dolly says,
"Praise the Lord for Pastor Bob-Bob. 
He ministers to me and the little one,
"Lily-Lily" Mae,
that the Stork left on my doorstep
'bout 5-year ago."

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