Thursday, October 23, 2014

Has Iowa U.S. Senate Candidate Joni Ernst Gone Bonkers?

"Cracked in Iowa?"
Earlier this week the Ultra-Conservative GOP
Candidate for the U.S. Senate from Iowa
told an audience that "her Gun" would
defend her against the Government!
She then cancelled all appointments
with media editorial boards to explain her
 "(Missionary?) Political Positions".
Also this week we learned a Republican Conservative
(Anti-Gay) Christian seeking a seat 
in Michigan's State House (Jordan Haskins)
has a long police record as a
MECHAPHILE - A Human who has SEX 
with machines.
In Haskins Case a record of breaking into
cars, removing their spark plugs,
and masturbating was discovered!
Not just once, but repeatedly.
Ever heard the term, MECHAPHILE?
We hadn't either. 
But for our edification, there is a 
BBC Documentary feature
now on You Tube.
We can't make this stuff up.

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