Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Old Woman Gets Arm Stuck in Toilet Trying to Rescue Her False Teeth! (Photos)

Somehow this woman's false teeth
found their way into her toilet,
after which she inadvertently 
flushed them down.
Recognizing her error she immediately 
stuck her arm into the crook of the
 commode in hopes of 
retrieving them.
But finding them was not to happen.
Instead her arm was hopelessly stuck
in the toilet, and she couldn't
get it out.
Hearing her screams for help, a neighbor 
called for assistance, and after 4-hours of
careful work, firemen were 
successful in extracting
the woman's arm.
Unfortunately, the teeth were not
recovered and our heroine is
eating soft foods today.
"Yeah...I can relate to that."

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