Tuesday, October 28, 2014

See Zale Thompson's Ax-Attack on 4-NYPD Officers! (Graphic Image Warning)

We all Love New York.
But sometimes bad things happen in 
our wonderful city.
This was one of them.
A few days ago Zale Thompson, 32,
a 'homegrown' terrorist wielded
an ax on the streets of Queens.
 Shortly before the attack on 4-NYPD officers , 
Dominic Williams, a 21-year old amateur 
photographer, asked if he could
take their  pictures.
Williams took this photo just moments
before the attack. There was some
small talk, and as he was taking another,
Zale came fast and from out of nowhere
(according to Dominic) furiously 
wielding an ax at the Officers,
hitting Officer Kenneth Healy
with a devastating blow 
to the head.
This was the result:

Zale Williams was shot dead, and Officer Healy is
hospitalized in serious condition.
Zale's Motive: He wanted white people to pay
for black slavery in America.

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