Sunday, October 19, 2014

What's Wrong With Peyton Manning's Head? (Photos)

For years we've been following 
Denver Broncos Peyton Manning's career
in the NFL.
He's truly one of "THE GREATS" in his Sport!
Also for years we've often wondered,
"What's Wrong with Peyton Manning's Head?"
 Just look at it! 
In photo after photo Peyton has more
HEAD above his eyes than below.
Was it a birth defect that caused his 
"Alien-Like" features?
In this following photo with brother Eli,
both are clearly the same height at
the shoulders. But
add in the extra inches to Peyt's
head and look at what we get.
Also, take a look at the helmet. Is it a
specially sized helmet made just
for Peyt's head? 
But none of this makes makes much 
difference when it comes to NFL records.
Today Peyton Manning made NFL History
when the 38-year old with the ET head
threw his 509th TD against the 
SF 49nr's thereby taking
the lead away from
Brett Farve.

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