Saturday, February 28, 2015

Three Parent Babies? Medical Science Creates The Stuff of Science Fiction

Medical Science has been correcting 
"God's Mistakes" for decades now. 
-Organ Transplants
-Delicate Surgeries
-Designer Medications
-Fertility Techniques
and hosts of other medical protocols
and procedures  
have all served as corrections 
to a diseased or debilitated human
 body and provided
quality lives to millions.
And now Medical Science is 
moving forward again with some
giant strides.
In the early part of the last century
the idea of a new heart, or kidney
Today such procedures are 
Also today, high percentages of 
newborns are plagued with genetically
 transmitted health and life-threatening
conditions, some of which are 
death sentences to the child.
Now Medical Science has learned that
by using the DNA of 3 people at 
fertilization, some
genetically transmitted diseases
don't happen.
Accordingly, The UK has become the
first country to approve "3-Parent Babies"
in some cases of genetically transmitted
illnesses and diseases.
We are not medical professionals.
We simply present this general
information in lay terms to
foster awareness to those
who's children may
be at risk.
Consult a licensed medical 
professional for further 

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