Saturday, June 20, 2015

Living in the Relaxed California Wine Country Where Common Sense and Indulgences Are Expected...

...we suspect these psycho-nut 'doomsday' predictive messages from poisonous
 hearts won't go very far with
those of sound mind.
All the men shown in the following photos
predict variations of 'The End of Civilization, Civil War, 
Disease, Famine, and Horrendous Catastrophes
becomes the Law of the Land.
As thinking people dismiss their ideas, unfortunately 
in certain ghettos their irrational thoughts 
will resonate with weaker minds.
~Pat Robertson~
To clarify the thesis here, just last week, this
"Christian" spokesman told a woman that GOD,
knowing all things, sometimes kills small 
children so they won't grow up to be
'Hitlers' or Stalins'.
~Todd Akin~
~James Dobson~
~Ronnie Baity~
~Ben Carson~
~Pat Buchanan~
~Tom DeLay~
~Ted Cruz~
~Mike Huckabee~
  ~They're Much Like Hitler~

~Only Not as Smart~
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