Saturday, November 21, 2015

A Thought for Conservative Christians...

Depending on the source, the Muslim population
in The U.S. is somewhere between 5 million
and 8 million people. 
Christianity currently leads in the population
numbers, with Judaism second, and Buddhism
third. Islam is fourth.
While Christianity is losing in numbers, only
Buddhism is growing with the other
two religions remaining stable in population.
As an aside that may give some clue as to 
where America is going "spiritually",
"Jedi" calls itself a religion and
is in fact growing faster than any 
other religion nationally. 
The thought here is ..... suppose 
Christianity suddenly finds itself a
"MINORITY" religion in America.
Would Christians be comfortable being
treated in the same manner
Christianity is treating the present 
minority religions right now?
Think about it...
Would it not be prudent to establish
a friendly and supportive coexistence
with those religions now?

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