Friday, November 13, 2015

Hypatia of Alexandria Was NOT a Christian Advocate - So They Slaughtered Her!

(Circa 370 A.D. - 415 A.D.)
Referencing Religious Training...
Hypatia gave the following message and 
philosophy to both men and to women...
As Hypatia's thoughts began to resonate
with the people, and in that the dominate
 religion in Alexandria was Christianity 
and gaining political strength in a secular
government system, she was identified
 as a warlike enemy to Christians.
Hypatia was convicted of Sorcery and
the Christians physically tore her
body into pieces in the 
name of Christ. 
There is a message here to be gleaned 
 from this event and the current  
Conservative Christian Mentality
as well as fundamentalist Muslim
Law and Practice.
~Be Aware America~

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