Friday, November 20, 2015

Iowa Pastor Kevin Swanson says: 'I would smear feces all over myself if my Son Married a Man!'

Iowa "HATE" Pastor Kevin Swanson Preaches
plenty of it --- racial and ethnic hate added 
to hate against women and social issues
are just part of  Swanson's diatribes.
But MAINLY, Swanson preaches hate toward
homosexuals and advocates killing 
gay people. 
This is but one of his statements about 
"I would smear feces all over myself if
my son married a man!"
                                                    -Pastor Kevin (KILL the GAYS) Swanson
Swanson's Sermon Topic Did Resonate with Some...
...and this Christian Actually Did It!
Meanwhile, this past week in Iowa, before
one of these Presidential Candidates
dropped out of the race, these
hopefuls gushed praises and accolades
for Pastor Kevin Swanson when Swanson 
introduced them to a 
Conservative Christian Audience!
By Their Associations We Shall Know Them?
This is just one of "Christian" Pastor Swanson's

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