Thursday, November 19, 2015

ISIS Praises GOP for Boost in Terrorist Volunteers~

Today ISIS spokesmen issued a propaganda press release
 giving praise to the GOP, and especially the Republican
Presidential Candidates for their support
in recruiting terrorists.
In part, the statement said:
 'since America's GOP  presidential candidates have clarified
their ideas for rejecting Syrian refugees, they have 
admitted ISIS is winning the war against the infidels.
The result of this American defeat has given
ISIS terrorist recruitment numbers an increase of
more than 15% over last year and is expected 
to increase in the next few months.'
Accordingly, world media reports that a great 
number of Americans are intimidated by,
and cowering to the threats of ISIS as
represented by a major political party.
U.S. media is reporting the situation differently,
saying all current Republican Presidential
hopefuls have proven and verified their
incompetence to be an American President.