Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Jeb Bush Marries Midget-Chick After Chance Meeting at Dwarf-Tossing Event!

~A MOMENT in HISTORY with JEB 2016~
Given Jeb's compromised Motor Skills 
resulting in a significant coordination
malfunction, he never was much
of an athlete.
However, as an adult Jeb did find a
sport in which he could participate,
And so it was that after a chance meeting
many years ago, at a Midget Tossing
event in Florida, JEB met his future wife, 
And the couple has lived 
Happily Ever After.
Although Midget Tossing is only legal
in Florida, Jeb promises it will
a top agenda item to make it
a Law of the Land when 
he is elected President.

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