Tuesday, February 9, 2016

A Kind Response to Beyonce's Super Bowl Insult and Disrepect to American Law Enforcement ~

This past Sunday more than 100 million TV
viewers witnessed Beyonce's Disrespect 
and Insult to America's
Law Enforcement Officers.
What was seen in this Super Bowl 50 Halftime
"Show" was a Rich Clueless 'Hottentot'
giving a misguided tribute and celebration
to and of the Black Panthers Anarchist Criminality
that killed numbers of innocent 
people in the last century.
This was an era, like today, that told
ignorant people that Law Enforcement was
their enemy and needed to be 
treated as such.
This author knows this to be so because
he was on the Law Enforcement side of the
equation and directly experienced
the insults and disrespect
through this dark history.
Meanwhile, we'll give Beyonce similar
Disrespect and Insult until an
apology is received.

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