Sunday, February 7, 2016

Chris Christie SLAUGHTERS Marco Rubio at GOP New Hampshire Debate!

~February 6, 2016~
The Story...
There was a  dispute between 
Candidates Christie and Rubio last night
about the current Democratic Administration.
After Christie averred that President Obama was
"clueless" as President, Rubio disagreed saying
Obama knew 'exactly what he was doing
in being methodical with an agenda to
make America look like and be like
the rest of the world'. 
Christie countered with a full frontal attack
on Rubio which he described as Rubio's
'canned' drive-by 10 second hit pieces
followed by 25 second 'establishment junk' that
is common to the current congress (including Rubio)
 who takes no responsibility for anything.
 Next, the flummoxed Rubio repeated his 
'canned-speak' thereby proving Christie's points!
And then like a malfunctioning robot, Rubio
repeated his statements almost verbatim,
and then he did it again and again.
after which Christie went for the KILL!
And this is what RUBIO looked like 
at the end of the melee. 
It took Hazmat Teams from 3 States to 
clean up the mess.
So, what was the 'takeaway' from last night's debate?
Trump was the categorical winner, AGAIN.
Cruz took it in the shorts, Carson continued his
fall, and the Governors had a good night.
Especially Christie and Kasich.
Meanwhile, today Rubio is resting in
 seclusion very uncomfortably 
awaiting further instructions from
his establishment benefactors.

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