Friday, February 19, 2016

Controversy Surrounds Justice Scalia's Cremation Plans!

With mystery still shrouding his sudden
death under suspicious circumstances at a 
remote Texas ranch last week, now 
more controversy attaches to
Justice Scalia's cremation plans...
Leanora Crump, Chairwoman of the 
Tennessee based conservative
''Phyliss Shatly Four Square Gospel 
National Bible Foundation'' 
says "NO" to cremation in that such 
practice 'desecrates the soul' and is an
abomination of God's word.
Still other women's organizations argue 
for Scalia's brain to be donated 
to science for study.
The Scalia family, however, are still planning 
their patriarch's cremation to go on as
scheduled for early next week.
Stay tuned.....

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