Monday, February 1, 2016

Cuban 'Jesus Freaks' Kick Donald Trump's Ass in Iowa Caucus Vote ~

Here's a Crystal Clear Specific Message to
The Republican Top Iowa Caucus 
Vote Getter's...
Donald Trump may take all the oxygen
away from his Republican
 presidential opponents
on a debate stage,
but today he got his ass kicked by a 
Canadian Christian ("let God be the glory")
 Nazi Cuban whack job who won most of 
his party's votes in Iowa.
However, both Trump and Cruz were upstaged by
the sneaky, diminutive Cuban anchor baby,
Marco Rubio, who articulately praised his 
savior, 'The Lord Jesus Christ who
died on the cross so that we might live
in a Christian nation that he
will govern.'
Now, here's the message to these politicians:
Gas the Christian-Supremacy pandering!
Maggie Smith says it this way...
 Accordingly, STOP the B.S.!
 For the record Ted Cruz, STOP the LIE! 
America was NOT CREATED and BUILT
on The Bible or Any Religion. American is by
design a secular nation. Not a Theocracy.
People came to America to escape 
religious oppression.

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