Friday, February 12, 2016

John 3:16 - Politically Reshuffled~

'For the Bush Administration so destabilized the world
that many have given their sons and daughters,
that whosoever believeth in this shall provide
Everlasting profit to the few.'
Contributor's Comment: 'America will choose a new
president this year, and I like a lot of what I hear 
from both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. 
But this is not the time for those of little
experience and dreams of what cannot
and will not be accomplished in
a practical political world.
This is a time for one who knows and understands
the labyrinth of complexities attendant to our
country on both national and foreign soil.
Accordingly, the most qualified and competent
American with this knowledge is

We encourage your thoughtful processing 
and vote for her in
Contributed by
Editor's Comment: We agree with VetsVOTE.
And when you see this scripture, we also
encourage your remembrance of the
political reshuffled version
as well.

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