Thursday, February 18, 2016

Pope Francis: "Donald Trump is NOT Christian!"

Yesterday, on his return flight from Mexico
to the Vatican, POPE FRANCIS launched a
devastating attack on the Republican 
front runner for the party's 
presidential nomination,
With crystal clear clarity, The Pope said,
He further remarked that Christians 'don't
build walls. Christians build bridges.'
Today, Trump has made at least one 
bitter, furious-rant remark saying:
"The Pope will be praying for Donald Trump
when the Vatican is attacked by ISIS."
This has not been a good week for The Donald.
He recently learned a NBC/Wall Street Journal Poll
had put him in second place in a national survey,
with Ted Cruz leading by 2 points. 
This was followed by an embarrassing, ill-advised
MSNBC Town Hall Meeting last night where
he appeared stumbling, if not bumbling.
Is The Donald going down?
Maybe. Maybe not.
Stay tuned.....

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