Friday, February 19, 2016

Ted Cruz: "When I'm President The Bible Will Be the Constitution!"

Yes! Ted Cruz made this statement
in mega-church preacher style in 
South Carolina yesterday.
Ted was referencing last year's U.S. Supreme
Court ruling that allows same-sex couples
the right of marriage.
Ted's theme goes well beyond same-sex
marriage, however. It infects citizens individual 
rights over their own bodies, including but
not limited to sexual behaviors between
husbands and wives, masturbation, 
and tattoos. The list goes on.
In America there are many versions of 
Christianity and other religions. 
Ted Cruz represents just one of these 
versions in a narrow and convoluted way.
Tomorrow the nation and the world will 
learn the percentage of  'the Cruz version' 
in South Carolina when the votes are 
counted in the GOP primary election.
 Editor Comment: It is amazing that ''religion'' would
solidify what they interpret as maintaining ''their''
 rights by taking the rights of others away.
~Credit article concept to Sam Tyler, Indiana~


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