Saturday, February 13, 2016

What were the Circumstances and Cause of SCOTUS Justice Antonin Scalia Sudden Death?

U.S. Justice Department Sources have been less
than candid about the circumstances and
cause of Justice Scalia's sudden death.
Accordingly, there is currently wide
 speculation on just how he died.
Was Scalia in Texas to go hunting with
former VP Dick Cheney?
Did he, in fact, go?
Is/was the Texas ranch he was visiting 
owned by the "El Chapo" 
Drug Cartel?
Just who, and what were the ages and 
genders of the "party" guests in
attendance at the party where
Scalia was last seen alive?
What did Scalia eat and drink at 
this "party"?
Were alcohol AND drugs, both legal
prescription and otherwise, served 
or available?
Was Scalia's death caused by a
 drug overdose? Or a mixture
of alcohol and psychotropic drugs?
Was Justice Scalia poisoned?
These and other questions need
to be answered.
In related news, U.S. Senate Majority Leader
Mitch McConnell 
said late this afternoon that Republicans
will block any nominee President Obama
nominates to replace Scalia. They
will wait for a new president to
be sworn into office on
January 20, 2017.
Antonin Scalia

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