Wednesday, February 17, 2016

When a SCOTUS Justice is Pronounced DEAD over a Phone by a Judge named Cinderela Guevara... might know there will be problems...
On Saturday Morning February 13, 2016, SCOTUS
Justice Antonin Scalia was found dead under
 suspicious conditions in his room at 
a remote ranch in West Texas.
However, that afternoon Justice Scalia was 
'pronounced dead of natural causes'
(over a telephone)
by Texas Judge Cinderela Guavara, and
the body was taken to an El Paso funeral home.
No autopsy was ordered, and the body was
embalmed and later flown to the
Scalia family residence in Virginia.
The place where Scalia was found dead was not
treated as a 'crime scene', even though he
was found with a pillow over his head.
Cinderela did not see his corpse.
It should be noted that under Texas Law, no 
law was violated in the handling of this 
matter according to what is known now. 
But, this reasonable question must be asked:
Was Justice Scalia lured to this remote
location for the purpose of
killing him?
Because under Texas Law it sure looks like
it's easy to snuff someone out and get
 away with it, even if the victim is a 
member of The U.S. Supreme Court. 

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