Friday, February 12, 2016

Why Would Ted Cruz Cancel an Ad featuring a Porn Actress?

Today the Ted Cruz campaign pulled a 
national TV ad from publication.
The story goes that soft porn actress 
had not been vetted when she was chosen
to participate in a Ted Cruz campaign ad extolling
the candidates conservative family values
Upon learning Amy was featured in such
''dildo girl-burners'' with titles in 
the neighborhood of "SEX CLUB"
and the like, the ad was pulled
from circulation.
Clearly, the ad was in no way a 'sex commercial'
with any sexual content or innuendo.
So what was the real real reason 
for taking the ad down?
As some pundits are smelling a real 
''Ted and Amy''
scandal here, others are chalking it up to
be a simple ''offensiveness'' (to the Jesus-People)
But wait. How would the Jesus People know
Amy had performed in porn unless they
had seen her in it?
This is the kind of stuff that just doesn't
go away. So, stay tuned.
In other Ted Cruz News, we've just learned 
that Donald Trump backers have filed
a "BIRTHER" law suit against him.
Accordingly, the next televised 
debate should have it's interesting

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