Wednesday, March 16, 2016

'Lyin' Jesus-Ted Cruz Biggest Loser on Super Tuesday # 3!

Super Tuesday # 3 was not a good day for 
Lyin' Jesus-Ted Cruz. 
In fact it was a really bad 
day in that his GOP Giant Penis rival
shoved Ted's Bible up his ass in
Florida, North Carolina, Illinois, 
and Missouri.  
And then to add insult to
injury, John Kasich (the sane one)
sewed Ted's ass shut with 
a major winner take 
all delegate victory in Ohio.
And then staying true to form,
Lyin' Jesus-Ted informed GOPr's that
with Little Marco Rubio out, it was now a
two-man race for the nomination.
What he failed to mention was
the race was between the Giant Penis
and John Kasich.

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