Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Ted Cruz Endorsed by Caitlyn Jenner!

Yes people! Last week our intrepid ''Caitlyn'' not only 
announced that "she'' is a Republican, but also
that she supports Ted Cruz for the presidency
and wants to be his "Trans Ambassador"!
Accordingly, this week on 'The View', Joy Bayer 
made the following remark.....  
''Caitlyn Jenner's Support of Ted Cruz is like
JEWS for Hitler!''
We suppose that "Cait" didn't get the memo
that Cruz supports wacko christian spokespeople
(i.e. Kevin Swanson etal.)
in their 'Kill-the-Gays' pronouncements.
Given 'her' politics, one must
 wonder if Caitlyn's surgical package 
included a frontal lobotomy.

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