Monday, March 21, 2016

To: GOP Utah Causus Voters...'Ted Cruz Hates Senior Citizens, Veterans and Mormons'! Some Facts...

Notwithstanding that 
Masturbating on the Book of Mormon,
 and then burning the product in a fraternity fireplace may
be considered a college prank, such does not change
the fact that today Ted Cruz is a "fundamentalist
Christian'' in the strict Southern Baptist tradition,
and believes that ONLY members of his
denomination will be worthy of a
place in heaven, it is not 
difficult to conclude 
Accordingly, it is a puzzlement as to why the Mormon
elder-ship (including Mitt Romney and Glenn Beck)
have instructed their following to vote
for TED CRUZ in the coming elections! 
At the same time, it is a well known that Ted Cruz is
a liar. He has repeatedly misrepresented other
candidates positions on numbers of issues.
He has blatantly misrepresented Donald Trump's
position on ABORTION saying that Trump
is Pro-Choice....
This is only one example. There are hundreds...
Ted Cruz is not short of money. Check out his
SuperPac (located in South America). Learn that
some of his first-tier donors (50k and above)
have either been ''convicted'', charged 
with, or are currently under investigation for
scamming hundreds of senior citizens and vets
out of millions of dollars in Social Security,
Medicare, Medicaid, and Veterans benefits
through their 'rest-home' and hospital
chains of operation. 
Check these facts out for yourself.
Google is our friend. 

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