Monday, March 21, 2016

Was Todd Palin Drunk When He Crashed His Snowmobile?

Last week Todd Palin was involved in a 
"very serious" Snowmobile Accident
and we wish him well and a full
There have been numbers of media reports 
regarding his injuries and recovery
processes. However, there has been virtually 
nothing about the circumstances of
the incident itself. 
There was an initial (unverified) major media
report that alcohol was involved, and 
others and some animals were also seriously
injured. But those reports seem to 
have disappeared.
Incident reports are always taken in
these matters. But in this case nothing
 has been found.
Accordingly, the question of Todd's sobriety
must be asked and answered.
We learned through the years that
"Anything Palin" 
is always subject to scrutiny, and 
usually results in something very different
from what we're first lead to believe.

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