Thursday, March 24, 2016

Which of these Kardashians Can You Identify by Name?

With the advent of social media and so-called
TV reality shows a generation ago,
many people remain bewildered and confounded
by so many people becoming famous for simply
No talent people with limited intelligence who
just seem to always BE our
faces whether we want "there" or not.
Sometimes "Families" are part of this mix, and one
of the most ubiquitous and obnoxious families
 today is the Kardashian family. 
Although we can say we can't identify many of
them by name, we typically can connect some
things with this no-talent group of people.
BIG-BUTTS seem to be their most identifying
Accordingly, can you name 
this "Kardashian"?
Some of the Kardashians "model" products,
usually those that emphasize their butts.
Some of the Kardashians have changed their
names. And their bodies. And their 
genders. So, which ones are these.
Does any body care?
 Would you believe that "SHE"
was once a "HE"?
These things happen because being 
famous for being famous is
hard work.
~Contributed by The
"In Kim we Trust Foundation"

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