Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Today in Politics: There is a 75% Chance that Paul Ryan will be the 2016 GOP Presidential Nominee!

'Paul Ryan isn't even running for President!'
Just like "SPEAKER RYAN"  'wasn't running 
to be speaker of The House of Representatives,
 'Paul Ryan isn't running for the Presidency.' 
Here's the story...after yesterday's Ted Cruz
trounce of Donald Trump, fueled by millions of
dollars from the 'nevertrump SuperPAC' and
(The KOCH Brothers reportedly Support Paul Ryan for President)
other SuperPAC groups, The Establishment
GOP is breathing some relief today that
their convention will go to contest in 
that no candidate will have mustered the required
1237 delegates to win the nomination on
the first ballot. 
Insofar as Ted Cruz is concerned, he will be
  an 'also ran'. The Establishment will 
dump him too, and run "their choice" in the 
form and substance of Paul Ryan.
Odds makers are now betting on a 75% chance
that the convention will be contested,
with even greater odds that Ryan 
will be the nominee.
Although earlier we predicted Mitt Romney
would be the 2016 Standard Bearer, we've
withdrawn that prediction in light of
"The Panama Papers" revelation that Romney
is not only a corrupt politician, he's also a
who very well might be subject to 
multiple felony prosecutions up to, and
including TREASON.
(But The Panama Papers is another much more
involved story that includes many of the 
world's financial institutions and
political leaders.)

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