Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Do Bigotry, Hate and Ignorance Keep Conservative Christianity Alive in America?

The majority of people in Louisiana
believe the poor response to
was caused by President Obama.
The majority of people in the Bible Belt who
identify as 'Evangelicals' believe President
Obama was born in Kenya and 
is Muslim.
~It never was about TOILETS!
Most Conservative Christians Believe that
Bernie Sanders has a son named "PEDRO".
~So, okay we fudged on this one.
Evangelicals preach that
But they do it anyway because that's
what people do. Never mind that
science says MASTURBATION is 
Healthy Practice.
Conservative Christians Like LEVITICUS and
support politicians who support 
(Evangelist Kevin Swanson Supports Killing Homosexuals)
who advocate killing homosexuals 
because they are homosexual. But 
they have selective memories 
when it comes to
Most Conservative Christians would vote
to establish Biblical Law into the
fabric of U.S. Constitutional Law. 
Most Evangelicals agree that
Donald Trump
is qualified to be America's President.
And the list goes on...

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