Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Donald Trump ''Is a Demagogue for the Lowest Common Denominator'' - says Stephen Hawking

is one of the most respected and admired 
men in the world today. 
Although a world renowned "great-explainer"
 of the universe and principles of science, 
Hawking sometimes speaks of 
world politics and other 
contemporary subjects.
In a recent interview on Good Morning
Great Britain, Hawking was asked if
he could explain Donald Trump's rise to
political prominence, to which he
replied, "I can't", and then went on to say,
"Trump is a Demagogue for the 
Lowest Common Denominator.''
Let us attempt to translate so the people 
Hawking was talking about may
understand what he said,  
'Donald Trump is a low-life
pandering blowhard with a 
following of bigoted, ignorant
stupid people.' 
Congruently, Hawking's statement gives 
credence to one of his earlier
Now we await a Donald Trump 
Mocking of

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