Saturday, May 14, 2016

Flying Turtle Crashes Through Woman's Windshield! Amazing Photos and Story...

Here we have another 'strange but true' story 
from Florida.....
Earlier this week a woman was driving at 75mph
on a Florida highway when an unexpected
 turtle came flying through the air, hit 
and crashed into and through her windshield,
bounced from a car seat neck protector and
landed upside down on the dashboard! 
Fortunately and miraculously,
the driver of the car,
Nicole Marie Bjanes, 
was not injured in the mishap.
So what happened? 
According to the police report, a car in front
of Ms. Bjanes' car hit the turtle, and like a
rock, was hurled into the air, and
subsequently hit the windshield 
of the woman's car.
And what about the turtle? 
The turtle seemed unhurt as well, and was 
taken to a pond where he happily
paddled away... 

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