Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Jeff "the weasel" Weaver~ Meet Bernie Sanders National Campaign Chair!

known in the annals of politics, BOTH 
Democrat and Republican, as
Albeit, it's a bit late in the game to introduce a
major presidential candidate's National Campaign
Chairman and Spokesman, it is important to
do so as the "revolution'' Sanders is
 trying to sell isn't so revolutionary.
"The Weasel" is just another career hired gun
who has worked all sides of the fence throughout
his working life. Accordingly, Bernie's
"trust-me'' public persona becomes questionable
when he surrounds himself with what many 
would describe as "sleaze''.
Just hear this guy speak ONE TIME. And
if your warning antenna does not go up,
then you must be a Republican.
If Bernie was truly interested in what he
says he is for America and the middle-class,
at this point in the game he
would be working with Hillary Clinton
in party unification. Because it's going
to take that to trounce Trump in November.
And right now HE'S NOT.

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