Monday, September 19, 2016

GOD is PRO-CHOICE! It's in the Scriptures!

God Gave Himself
AND Man "Free Will."
God's "Free Will" allows HIM to
Judge Man!
-Genesis 2: 15-17
Also, in Genesis we find in the parable of
an ''eye-for-an-eye'' that when a 
pregnant woman intervened when her
husband was fighting another man,
and her fetus was killed in the process that
God judged 'Life begins at first breath....and
the dead fetus was deemed as chattel, and
therefore not subject to the 
-The New Testament Parable of 'Christ 
Tempted by the Devil',
are two Bible examples of man 
exercising "Free Will."
Logic and common sense, then 
concludes GOD is PRO-CHOICE
according to scripture.

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