Wednesday, September 28, 2016

"KILROY WAS HERE!" Respectfully Remembering KILROY~

Those who remember Kilroy are...
...well.......older than dirt.
This is Kilroy with a few of his
contemporary fads....
No one really knows where Kilroy came
from, although many like to believe
he was manufactured on an American 
Navy ship at the start of WWII.
The fact is that Kilroy was a prolific and
insidious little rascal who became a
comforting greeter and symbol
of the power and joy of Freedom
during his lifetime.
He somehow turned up every place in 
the world before our troops did. 
And no one knows how he did it.
For sure Kilroy was graffiti before the
term was invented. Kilroy also began
to appear virtually everywhere in the
U.S. and ultimately became a 
world-wide ambassador for
all things good. Just looking at 
Kilroy made people smile. 
Then, in the early 1950's, Kilroy 
mysteriously disappeared almost as
quickly as he had appeared. 
To many of we older folks, Kilroy is
an old friend to be respectfully

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