Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Public Masturbation is no Longer a Crime in Italy!

(The Leaning Tower of Pisa)
To us, Italy is the most beautiful of countries
in all ways....we've been there many times
and always find it as the most inviting
and beautiful of places.
Frankly, we've never thought about or 
associated 'masturbation' with Italy.
or otherwise.
But this past week Italy's highest court
struck down all laws relating to public 
masturbation, thereby making
the practise legal. 
There is one caveat, however. 
Adult masturbation cannot be in the 
presence of children under the
age of 14.....which sounds reasonable if
one is inclined toward such public displays.
The court decided this matter on the 
appeal of a 60-year male who was
previously convicted of public
masturbation who argued his
fine and incarceration was excessive
given the crime committed. 
The Court agreed and today 
is no longer a crime in ITALY.

It is suggested, however, that all private 
body parts be kept private in public.
Nobody wants to see them while
enjoying a cappuccino at a
street coffee shop.
And street justice works in mysterious
ways no matter where one is 
in the world.  


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