Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Trump Supporter Punches 69-year old Woman in Face at Rally in Ashville No. Carolina (Photos)

~More Violence at a Trump Rally~
ABC NEWS along with other major 
media are reporting that yesterday in 
Ashville, North Carolina at a Donald Trump
Rally among at least 4 other violent incidents,
69-year old Shirley Tester was punched in
the face by Trump supporter Richard Campbell.
The man hit her so hard that she fell on her
oxygen tank with a cut face and arm.
Her assailant was arrested and a
warrant was also issued.
Ms. Tester was taken to a hospital ER
where it was determined she suffered no 
broken bones. Her mouth, however, is 
compromised to the extent she 
can't chew food.
According to reports, Ms. Tester was protesting
Trump by interjecting the term "DUMP"
between Trump supporters chanting
This apparently infuriated the woman's 
attacker enough to punch her
in the mouth.
Richard Campbell has been arrested
and charged. Accordingly, when a mug shot
is available it will be published here.
In the meantime, Ms. Tester has this question:
''Is a guy that punches a 69-year old woman 
on oxygen in the face DEPLORABLE?" 
Donald Trump has responded saying...
"My supporters are hard working
American patriots." 

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