Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Was Jesus a Transgender Man?

Today, some are saying yes, Jesus WAS a TRANSGENDER
man, and are now writing their essays
to support this idea. Others, however, are, 
well, freaking-out about the concept.
Now, first we 
don't understand much about transgender people, and why they are
 the way they are. We suspect
there are some very profound 
personal convictions to be found 
from within these folks, however.
On a related note, we don't particularly
much care one way or another about this entire
who or what should use which toilet issue 
that is raging from evangelicals 
for one reason or another. In fact we 
we think it's stupid.
 Secondly, we also don't care if Jesus was a transgender man or not. 
Although, to us, he always seemed to
 have some feminine attributes, we still don't
care. We're Buddhist.   
So! Was Jesus a Transgender man?
You decide. 

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