Friday, October 7, 2016

Trump Instructs Eric and Donald Jr. on How to Get Laid...

'It's Donald Jr. and Eric on the 
phone, for you, Mr. Trump...'
Jr.: Hey Dad, Eric and me are tryin' to
hook-up with these 2 Hollywood chicks,
and their sayin' no-dice.
Donald: That's bull-shit! You wanna 
fuck'em just grab their pussy. You're
celebrities now. Like me. Grab her
pussy...she'll let you do anything
because you're a celebrity.
Put Eric on...
Donald: You hear that, Eric? Don't be
a pussy. Trump men grab pussy. 
Got it?
Eric: Yea Dad! We got it.....
This exchange is inspired by today's 
revelations from 2005 recordings
with Billy Bush on Access Hollywood,
as reported today by
The Washington Post and NBC News.
We also suspect the Current Mrs. Trump
is not amused. Melania and Donald 
were married in January, 2005.
Meanwhile, this afternoon Donald
said he regrets if anyone is offended 
by his remarks.

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