Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Melania Trump - The Christian Choice for First Lady! (NSFW)

Last week's election results 
overwhelmingly tell us that 
Melania Trump 
was clear the choice of
for First Lady of the United States in a
number of reputable polls, and as
indicated in this photo essay...... 
'Donald Trump is the 
real-CHRISTIAN-deal, and 
so is Melania....'
"I want to be a Traditional First Lady!"
With the best ass in the history of
 Melania was raised as a Communist
in Slovenia, but now she's a
real American Patriot.
'It's not homosexual behavior when
lesbians do it.'
'Praise be to the LORD! Let 
GOD be the GLORY!'
And there are lots, lots more.
Just google "Melania Trump Porn"
like we did.
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