Monday, November 21, 2016

Melania Trump will NOT be Moving into the White House in January!

Not long ago Melania Trump said she
would be a "Traditional First Lady."
In the 'tradition of Jacqueline Kennedy
and Betty Ford,' in that they were
'supportive of their husbands',
she said.
But today we've learned that 
America's"First Lady-elect" will be
supporting her husband from
Trump Tower, and WILL NOT be
moving into the White House in
January, or any other time soon.
Melania went on to say that the
campaign was especially "hard" 
on her son, Baron, and indicated
his schooling in New York must
not be interrupted.
 There was no date mentioned 
as to when, if ever, the president's 
wife and son would
reside in the White House.
Is there something odd about this
revelation? Some have speculated on
divorce, which seems unlikely.
At the same time, others have indicated
that Donald and Melania have not
lived together (by mutual agreement)
as husband and wife 
for quite a while.....
Stay tuned...

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