Friday, December 30, 2016

Debbie Reynolds - Dead at 84! (Music Video)

One day after her celebrated daughter,
Carrie Fisher died at age 60,
Iconic Hollywood Actress
died at age 84.
Great and deserved tributes will continue
for this woman who gave the world 
so much entertainment from her
grand talents.....
As just a part of her appreciating 
audience our tribute can best be
shown by these music videos
from two of her movies.
First, from the film
"Two Weeks with Love"
her rendition of 
"Abba-Dabba Honeymoon"
with Carleton Carpenter was a 
knockout performance.
She was just 16 years old, but this
put her on the fast-track to
stardom. And 3 years later Debbie
was singing and dancing to the tune of
Gene Kelly and Donald O'Conner
in the classic,
'SING'n in the RAIN'
In life, Debbie Reynolds worst fear
was out-living her daughter, Carrie.
Unfortunately, she realized 
that fear.

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