Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Gordon Klingenschmitt - a Short, Chubby, "Christian-Crazy" Colorado Law Maker says "Gay Demons are Taking Over Ad Execs!"

Yes, people, this chub Jesus-guy with
the unlikely name of Klingenschmitt
 actually said, "gay demons are 
taking over ad executives" recently
on his "Pray in Jesus Name"
radio show.
(Alex Jones)
So, move-over Alex Jones* there's a new
(sorta new, anyway) Christian-Crazy
working the same street in
your neighborhood.

Here's more of Klingenschmitt's
"Christian Revelations"...
"Gordo" tells his "Jesus-Flock"
that he was forced out of the U.S.
military as a Chaplin because he prayed
in "JESUS NAME".....
while this may be so, we suspect his
"discharge" also may have been due
to some of what former presidential
candidate Ted Cruz praised him
for earlier this year...
our subject here is also an elected
representative to the Colorado State
We would have thought that with all
that marijuana in Colorado that the 
electorate would have better judgment.
Apparently NOT!

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