Friday, December 2, 2016

JFK: Another Perspective on The Man and His Life - in Photos~

The Lem Billings - John Kennedy 
life-long friendship was extra ordinary.
And the examination of this friendship
in this book tells a full and rich story
of two very different men and 
their respect for one-another.
Where John was to be found, 
so also was Lem.
When John was a U.S. Senator, Lem
was his chief confidant and adviser.
When John ascended to the Presidency
and went to the White House,
Lem went too. In fact, Lem was given 
an office, adjoining the Oval Office.
The fact that Lem was a homosexual
never once bothered his best
friend, "Jack".
These following photos tell part of
their story. The book tells 
the rest of it.

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