Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Trump Picks Dancing with the Stars (Lite-in-the-Loafers) Loser Rick Perry for Secretary of Energy! (We Have Video)

This is not the first time an insinuation 
that Rick Perry is gay has been made.
In fact such mumbling has been
going on his entire public life.
So now, Perry's embarrassing stint on
'DANCING with the STARS'
continue to add fuel to certain effete
characteristics Rick Perry 
may possess.
The following videos speak for 
The Green Apple Quick Step
by RICK and EMMA as performed
on Dancing with the Stars...
Rick and Emma's Cha-Cha...
For the record, we don't know if
Perry is gay or not, and we 
don't care; 
although there is evidence he doesn't
like "grabbing pussy", which seems
to be a requirement for a
President-Elect Trump cabinet pick. 

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