Monday, December 5, 2016

Trump Presidential Transition Team Creates National Lipstick Shortage....PIGS OUTRAGED!

It is duly noted that putting lipstick on
pigs distracts and diverts attention
from their natural inadequacies.
Also, such has been duly noted
with Donald Trump, his transition 
team and those that support him.
Accordingly, a significant national
lipstick shortage is now 
being experienced.
And now, PIGS are OUTRAGED!
At the same time, PIGS also 
recognize that those with
need all the help they can get.
In a related matter, congressional members
are bewildered because of the 
president-elect's budget line item
requesting $4 million for
10 shades of LIPSTICK, with a 
$10 million sub-line 
calling for research 
for a marketable 

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