Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Donald Trump Taps Retired General Michael Flynn for National Security Adviser Cabinet Post!

President-Elect Trump has been
non-traditional with his cabinet member
selections so far. 
Accordingly, his selection of 
retired General
Michael Flynn comes as
no surprise.
General Flynn 
was reportedly coaxed into 
retirement after he developed some
unusual and controversial 
political ideas. 
For example, his support for and
promotion of a 
Christian Crazy radio talk show host
Conspiracy Theorist was and is
Alex Jones 
promoted the "theory" that
The Sandy Hook Child Slaughter
tragedy was a staged government hoax
that was somehow orchestrated by
President Obama for some kind
of political gain.
NOTE: This article is inspired by a periodical
Natural Sciences report saying that Mushroom (toad stool)
DNA was closer to Human DNA than to that of 
the plant world, which may explain, in part,
the Donald Trump Presidency.

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