Thursday, December 8, 2016

Whatever Happened to Mega-Film Star Alice White?

Alice White was one of the first
Hollywood Musical Super-Stars.
She was Box Office Gold!
Before Busby Berkeley, Fred Astaire,
and the others that followed, the 
and what later became known as
The Hollywood  
was invented for and created by
ALICE WHITE on the screen!
Alice White was the consummate
"FLAPPER" and became an
iconic stereotype for her generation.
From the advent of "talkies" and well
into the 1930's, Alice White became
On screen she was a perky, sassy, sweet
simple girl with a load of talent. But
when out of the camera's eye she 
was reportedly known for her
hard as nails approach to everything.
Especially in guiding her career.  
But in 1933, Alice became embroiled
 in a number of scandals. 
 One of the biggest was with sometimes
co-star and boyfriend, British actor
(1899 - 1981)
The story goes that in 1933, John beat 
up Alice so badly that she had to
undergo reconstructive facial 
surgery. Warburton's story finds that
Alice had earlier hired two hit-men
to beat him up and to mess his
face up really bad because she thought
John was prettier than she, which
(of course) justified his beating
her up.
Whether these things are true or not,
Alice was not on the screen for
three years. Although she did make a
come-back of sorts, she never
enjoyed the popularity she
once had.
Alice did continue to work, however,
both in film and on TV until her
death in 1983.
In Tribute to
Contributed by
J.D-A Hollywood

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